Badger is an 0-6-4 saddle tank locomotive, built to a freelance design by Brian Taylor and was the second engine built for the railway. She was outshopped in 1991 and was the first steam loco to be completed at Clayton West (she was half built when she arrived on site). Similarly to Fox Badger has 11.5" diameter driving wheels with cylinders 5" in bore and with a 6" stroke, however, unlike Fox Badger still retains her slide valves. The loco was fitted with plain and bearings and was fitted with Hackworth Valve gear. During her 10 year overhaul Badgers valve gear was converted to Marshall Valve gear in an attempt to reduce maintenance, and where possible the plain bearings have been replaced with roller bearings. Badger has a saturated steam welded steel boiler with a working pressure of 180psi which combines to provide the locomotive with a tractive effort of 1995lbs. Following the success of the gas producer combustion system fitted to fox Badger was also subsequently adapted to this system and also runs with a multiple jet Lempor style exhaust. Other recent modifications include the replacement of rubber block suspension of the pony truck with springs. Also the engines tyres have been reprofiled in an attempt to improve adhesion. Badger now runs in a simple green livery with yellow lining.

Click here to see photo's of Badger before, during and after her 10 year overhaul