Fox was the first engine built for the line and was constructed by Brian Taylor, in his home workshop before the railway site was acquired, she is a 2-6-2T based on a design exported to India by the Hunslet locomotive company in Leeds and was completed in 1990. She has 11.5"diameter driving wheels and is fitted with roller bearings on all main axelboxes, coupling and connecting rods. Fox is fitted with Walschearts valve gear and has piston valves. The cylinders have a 5inch bore and 6" stroke. The loco has a welded steel saturated steam boiler with a 180psi working pressure. This combines to give the locomotive a tractive effort of 1995lbs. Fox carries a nice sounding chime whistle made by Ian Screeton at the railway. Modifications have been made to the locomotive in recent times such as the introduction of its simple gas producer combustion system. This requires a stronger exhaust to work effectively and another modification has been to use a multpile jet Lempor type exhaust. More recently whilst Fox was out of service in 2004 for replacement of firebox stays she was fitted with new valve chests and new lubrication arrangements for all her plain bearings and the pony truck. During the work the loco's cab and bunker height were increased by 4" and her side tanks raised up. She now has a much better proportioned look against the railways carriages.

Click here to see photo's of Fox before, during and after her overhaul/rebuild