Shelley station is the Western terminus of the railway. The station is built on the former site of the sidings at Clayton West junction. The main Huddersfield to Sheffield line runs past the station just a few hundred yards away and it is hoped that eventually it may be possible to provide some form of interchange here. There is a small shelter and some picnic tables provided here and passengers are welcome to have a picnic and catch the following train back to Clayton West. Foot access is provided to the near by road and it is possible to walk to the village of Shelley (passengers should be warned however that this is an uphill walk of one mile). If you are prepared to brave the walk there is a large garden centre in the village and an ice cream shop at Bark House farm which sells its own brand of ice cream made on the farm.

There is a turntable provided at the station to allow trains to be turned and return to Clayton West smokebox first. (Shown below)