Overgrowth Clearance
Overgrowth clearance underway just outside Clayton West
Grass cutting at Shelley Station
Weedkilling between Clayton West & Cuckoo's Nest

The overgrowth clearance works fall into two main categories.

In the winter, especially during the run up to Christmas when trains only run as far as Cuckoo's Nest, there is the opportunity to clear whole areas of the line properly by removing areas of trees and brambles and treating the stumps in the process.

In the summer on the other hand the trees and grass can appear to grow between the passing of trains and it takes all the volunteers effort to keep mother nature at bay. This generally means that work is concentrated on selective removal, trimming and grass cutting along the full length of the line.

So on most weekends through the year passengers will generally see volunteers on the lineside with saws, loppers, mowers, strimmers and sythes. Contrary to public belief we do actually do work but have to stop to allow the train to pass safely.