Hawk stands at Clayton West adorned with a Caledonian Railway star (24.12.04)

Badger runs onto the turntable at Shelley in the snow (20.11.04)

Badger running off the turntable at Shelley (04.02.06)

Jay bursts out of Shelley Woodhouse Tunnel (31.07.04)

Fox basks in the sun waiting to depart Shelley Station (22.05.04)

A view from the cab as Fox runs through Blacker Wood (22.05.04)

Fox rumbles into Cuckoos Nest Station (06.09.03)

Owl seen standing outside Shelley station from the cab of Badger (04.02.06)

Jay, Fox, Badger & Hawk stand at Shelley following a steam triple header banked by Jay to celebrate the change of ownership (02.01.06)

Jay approaches the A636 bridge whilst returning to Clayton West (31.07.04)